Tips to Improve your Airconditioner AC’s efficiency

7 Tips to Improve your AC’s efficiency

Electricity bills in summer shoot up due to the use of Air conditioners and investing in an energy efficient AC’s is the need. Brands like Daikin, Voltas, Hitachi, LG are providing high efficient Inverter AC’s which is having high ISEER rating and refrigerant like R32 which is eco friendly.

Lets find the best ways to improve colling equipments performance and economize enery.

1) Clean Debris from Unit’s Housing

Leaves, Bird Feathers and other trash can accumulate in and around your Unit. Clear to maintain several feet of clearance for your AC to operate properly

2) Check Air Filters

Clogged filters Slow down Air circulation. First try cleaning filters and replace if things don’t improve

3) Keep A Reasonable Temperature

Various studies suggest that keeping your AC at 24-26 Celcius can save electricity.

4) Keep Heat Sources away from Thermostat

Keep lamps and other heat generating appliances away from your thermostat. Doing this will tell your AC that indoor air is hooter than it really is and it will run your unit needlessly.

5) Dont Open Windows During Hottest Hours

Close your windows during the hottest and muggiest parts of the day to keep the sunlight out. As a result, your AC will accomplish its job more easily.

6) Schedule Routing Unit Inspections

This greatly reduces the likelihood of your unit braking down and keeps its cooling efficiency high.

7) Keep your Outdoor Unit Away from Direct Sunlight

Keeping the outdoor compressor unit under a shed can make your AC operate more efficient.

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