Best Spiral Binding Machine in India 2022- Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Spiral Binding Machine

Planning to purchase best Spiral binding Machine in India ? Please read Reviews and Buyers Guide shared by our Industry experts.

Top Seller Best Spiral Binding Machine in India

GBC SpiralBind 15 Personal and Portable Spiral Binder, Punch Capacity 15 Sheets (GBM-SP15)

GBC SP15 Spiral Binding Machine

Product Features

GBC SpiralBind 15, 3-in-1 compact and robust general office binder ideal for everyday desktop binding. Bound documents can be lay flat for easy reading, note taking, and photocopying.

  • 3:1 pitch round punch holes for easy insertion of spiral, wire, or click
  • Full-width handle for extra punching power
  • Adjustable side margin and depth margin
  • Metal base, stylish, and portable

Ars tech A4 39 Holes Spiral Binder Machine (White/Green)

Arstech Spiral Binding Machine

Product Features

  • A4-39 holes spiral binder machine. best quality product by ARS TECH.
  • holes size-4mm. paper margine-5mm.
  •  handle type-round handle.
  •  punching capacity-15 sheets at a single slote.
  •  weight-6.5kg (approximatelly).

GBC CombBind C250PRO High Volume Comb Binding Machine Accomodating All Paper Sizes (20 Sheet Punch Capacity, 450 Sheet Bind Capacity)

GBC C250PRO  Spiral Binding Machine

Binding doesn’t get any simpler! Ideal for everyday, high volume use, the robust CombBind C800Pro fully integrates the convenience of electric punching with easy manual binding. Operated by a switch or foot pedal, it can punch up to 20 x 80gsm sheets and bind up to 450 sheets using a 51 mm spine. Selector pins allow you to adjust paper size up to A4, margin depth can also be altered.

Product Features

  • Easy to access high volume clippings tray
  • Binds up to 450 (80gsm) sheets with a 51 mm comb
  • Large capacity, punch up to 20 sheets (80gsm)
  • Selector pins allowed you to adjust for any paper size up to A4
  • Margin depth adjustment function

Oddy A4 Size Spiral Binding Machine – 12 Inch 39 Holes

Oddy Spiral Binding Machine

Machine can cut through many sheets at a time, you can also use this machine to bind business documents and proposals.

Durable and Portable

This machine features high-quality steel cutters, which will last you for a long duration. Due to its compact size and carry handles, you can easily carry this machine from one place to another. Besides, you can tilt the punch lever down to easily store this machine without taking up much space.

Solid Base

This machine comes with a heavy-duty solid base, which allows it to stand without wobbling on any flat surface.

Machine TypeManual
Paper FormatA4, B3
Punch Capacity15 Sheets (70 gsm)
Suitable ForOffices, Heavy Duty, Schools
ColorBlack, Yellow

GBC ThermaBind T400 A4 Thermal Binder with Adjustable Heat Settings (Grey)

Spiral Binding Machine thermabind-t400-gbc-original-imaew6wf4hhumcj4 5

An executive thermal binding machine perfect for medium to high usage. The GBC T400 can bind upto 400 sheets of A4 size documents in one go. It can also make booklets of less than 400 sheets like 15, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, . . . . . 400 sheets or any other quantity upto 400 sheets, with appropriate sized, plastic thermal covers to give that ultra professional look to your bunch of bound documents …. The binding job is in a single step with no need for the cumbersome punching of documents at all

Binding Features

Binder TypeCoil
Multi Binder TypeThermal Binder
Binder Length12 inch
Binder Thickness400 mm
Binding Capacityupto 400 sheets max.
Hole ShapeNo punching is required in this binding style.
Machine TypeElectric
Paper FormatA4

Buying Guide- Best Spiral Binding Machine in India

Spiral Binding Machine Buyer Guide

A professionally bound document takes your presentation to the next level, while protecting it from the demands of daily use. Our buying guide will help you navigate through our wide range of binding machines to find the right one for your needs.

Benefits of Best Spiral Binding Machine

A good spiral binding machine is one of the most useful devices that can be used efficiently to bind booklets easily and effortlessly. Today there are various types of binding machines which can be used to bind books and papers together so that it appears presentable.

There are many benefits associated with the use of spiral binding machine.

Versatile: It is one of the most versatile machines that can be used in most of the non-profit organizations as it is affordable and efficient.

Widely Available: These machines are widely available even from most of the reputed online stores at affordable price rates. It is available in a huge range of varieties which further increases its usage and popularity.

Durability: One of the greatest advantages of using these devices is that it offers extra durability to documents and important papers as it can be secured neatly.

It is essential to consider various factors before choosing these binding machines from online stores.

Patterns of Holes: These binding machines are available with different types of patterns for making holes. These machines should be chosen according to the number of booklets that need to be bound.

Type of Machines: There are various types of binding machines which can be basically categorized as the manual and electrical binding machines. Electrical binding machines are ideal for businesses which have huge binding requirements as it is fast and efficient. The manual machines take ample amount of time and therefore it can be used only for smaller projects.

Capacity: It is pertinent to choose machines according to its specific features and workload capacity. As majority of the online stores showcase various types of binding machines, it is essential to choose machines according to specific requirements.

Punching Dies: These machines also vary according to the type of punching dies. Some of the most prominent colors include white, black and blue.

Types of Binding Styles

When selecting your binding machine, consider the types of binding styles. Different binding styles are suitable for different applications.

Plastic Comb Binding

This is the most popular binding solution and perfect for presentations. Comb binding is a flexible and cost-effective way to bind any document up to 500 pages. It’s easy to use – pages lie flat and can be easily added or removed as required. This type of binding is best for frequently handled documents.

Wire Binding

Wire binding gives your documents a stylish, top-quality finish that is permanent and secure. Wire binding creates impressive documents for the home or office. Pages lie flat and bound documents rotate 360 degrees for easy viewing. Wire binding is non-modifiable, so you won’t be able to add or remove pages once you’re done.

Thermal Binding

Thermal binding gives your documents a smooth, book-like finish. This type of binding is ideal for reports and proposals. Suitable for heavy and frequent use, thermal binders are quick and can bind up to 600 sheets.

Binding Frequency

To narrow your selection, identify how often you’ll be binding.


Ideal for home or small office users that need to bind documents no larger than 150 pages a few times a month.


Ideal for small and medium office users that need to bind documents no larger than 300 pages a few times a week.


Ideal for large office users that need to bind large volume of documents on a daily basis.

Manual vs Electric Punching

You can choose between manual or electric punch binding machines.

Manual Punching

Manual binding machines use a lever-style or U-shaped handle to punch through paper. U-shape handles that connect on both sides of the machine are easy to grab and make punching very easy, making it suitable for right and left-handed people.

Electric Punching

Electric binding machines make it easy to punch through thick documents or large quantities of documents quickly, providing ultimate ease of use. Electric binding machines are very convenient and ideal for medium to high volume binding.

Best Spiral Binding Machine Brands in India



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