Best Hair Straighteners in India 2022- Reviews & Buyers Guide

Looking for Best Hair Straighteners in India 2021 ? Please check top seller best hair straighteners list shared by Industry experts. Please read buyers guide.

Best Hair Straighteners in India

Top Seller Best Hair Straighteners in India 2021

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Things to consider while purchasing Best hair Straighteners in India

  • Temperature
  • Plate Types
  • Plate Width
  • Features

Curly, wavy, frizzy, unruly or unpredictable hair, there’s one solution to it all – a hair straightener. It’s quick and convenient to use; and the straightener wields control over the hair with the help of its heated plates which glide along the hair follicles, leaving you with glossy, straight tresses. With just this one styling tool you can undo any kind of bad hair day. Of course, the trick is to find one that styles your hair quickly, and without causing damage. Here are a few things to consider when buying a hair straightener.


Consider the natural texture of your hair. Thick, coarse hair will require a hair-straightening iron that heats up to high temperatures, but thin, fine hair can be damaged by high heat. If you have fine hair, shop for hair irons that offer a variety of heat settings. Digital flat irons let you choose the exact temperature to avoid damaging your hair with too much heat.

Plate Types

Ceramic Plates – great all-rounders, ceramic straighteners offer value and effectiveness and are suited for almost all hair textures.

Ceramic hair straighteners are great for smoothing out hair and reducing frizz. Ceramic holds heat very well, allowing a ceramic flat iron to achieve high temperatures; plus, ceramic plates encourage even heat distribution. You can choose between ceramic flat irons with ceramic plates, ceramic coating, or tourmaline plates.

Titanium Plates – heat up rapidly, and are effective for coarse, curly hair.

Titanium hair straighteners can heat up faster than ceramic flat irons, and they hold a high heat at a consistent temperature. Titanium, a lightweight metal, also has an ionic charge, which helps you get your hair looking smooth quickly, without having to go over the same section as many times. The high heat makes them popular, but this may not be best for people with fine hair, which can scorch easily.

Tourmaline Plates – also called ionic plates, are good if you have damaged hair and they produce more negative ions than positive ions, designed to reduce static and result in less frizz.

Plate Width

Hair straighteners’ plates can vary in width from narrow to wide plates, so you may want to consider your hair type when selecting which straightener to buy. The following are useful guidelines, but not necessarily rules.

Short hair – 2.5cm – 3cm width plates

Short and medium hair – 3cm – 4cm width plates

Long, thick hair – 6cm wide plates

Other Features

Hair tools come with a variety of features. If you have naturally curly hair, you might like a flat iron that has built-in comb teeth or steam functions that can tame and set unruly tresses. Cordless flat irons are great for jet-setting men and women, and instant-heat hair straighteners are perfect for people who don’t have much time to get ready in the morning.

Best Hair Straighteners Brands in India

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