11 Best Foot Massagers in India 2022: Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Buying guide for Best foot massagers in India

Types of Foot Massager

Types Of Foot Massagers

Key considerations

Massage intensity

If you’re the type of person that prefers strong, deep tissue foot massages, you may want to spend a bit more to get a foot massager with a little more power. The motors inside a foot massager are the priciest components. Many good quality inexpensive foot massagers do exist, but they most don’t pack quite as much punch as the heavy duty ones that have powerful motors.

The heat factor

Heat has many proven therapeutic benefits, ranging from increased circulation to pain relief. The results of a study published by Medical Research suggest that both dry and moist heat can help reduce muscle soreness. Think about how hot you want your feet to get before you buy, then look for a foot massager that can reach the temperature you want.

Warranty and customer service

When shopping for foot massagers, one of the most important things to consider is the manufacturer’s reputation and customer support policy. Does the company behind the foot massager quickly send a new device if there’s a problem? If not, you may regret your purchase if you get a lemon or if something goes wrong.

Size vs. portability

Some foot massagers are sleeves that can be folded up and stored just about anywhere, but others– like foot bath style massagers, for example– require more room. Find out the dimensions of your prospective foot massage device before you buy, so that you can make sure you have enough space to put it away properly when you’re not using it.

Features vs. price

Some foot massagers offer multiple massage modes, auto shut-off timers and fully adjustable positioning bars. If you don’t care about these extras, you can save money by picking a massager that has only the features you need.

How much noise does it make?

All mechanical foot massagers are powered by tiny motors, but some are louder than others. If you think that the whirring sound will bother you or a loved one, you may want to go with a foot massager that doesn’t make much noise.

What do you have to do to clean it?

Foot bath massagers need to be emptied out after every single use. Mechanical foot massagers are easier to use because they don’t require as much maintenance. Some have removable sleeves, which you can take out and throw in the wash when it’s time for a cleaning.

Price ranges


Budget foot massagers typically cost around Rs.2000-Rs.3000. Typical Shiatsu-style foot massagers fall within this price range, as do most foot bath style foot massagers.


If you’re willing to spend around Rs5000-Rs 6000, you can get a nicer quality foot massager that’s a bit more powerful and has a few extra features.


Deluxe foot massagers are pricey, but come equipped with extra strong kneading motors and patented, high-end features. Expect to pay Rs 10000 or more.

Beneficial Effects of Massage on Human Body

The human body undergoes a lot of strain due to our daily movements and actions. Just like any other thing, it needs proper maintenance for optimum functionality. A massage is the best way keeps body stress free. It also provides much-needed relaxation by relieving it from any kind of pain.

1) Relaxation

Any massage has the primary objective to relax the user. It tried to replicate the relief obtained in a clinical massage. Due to high movements, the muscles contract and expand a lot during the day. This may cause sprain or muscle contraction. Other side effects include stiffness in muscles caused by performing the same action again and again. Thus a relaxation is the much needed for any human body.

2) Relief from stress

Stress is caused due to the pressure of delivering things on time or an overload of work. This forces the brain to work more and deliver at the same time. To alleviate the body of stress, certain actions performed by the massage are required. Stress can be reduced by relaxing and proper blood circulation and breathing.

3) Better blood circulation and sleep

Lack of blood circulation may cause anemia or may cause disability of certain organs. Blood circulation is highly necessary for proper body functioning and can be best done by breathing.

Circulation is greatly increased on your legs and calves by using a leg and calf massager as opposed to having a foot massager only.

4) Relief from back pain

This is one of the most common problems faced by people across the globe. Due to rigidity or excess strain to the spinal cord, it results in pain. Often, the spinal cord bones undergo rigorous strain and result in distortion or depletion. They need to relieve from the stress by proper exercising.

5) Improvement in posture

Due to lack of training and education, often people follow the wrong posture which results in adverse effects on the human body. This has to be improved for longer life and maintenance of the body. This can be done by undergoing repeated actions of correction under controlled pressure and movement.

The Top Medical Benefits Of A Foot Massage

We all know that nothing beats putting your feet up and giving them a good old rub after a long day’s work.  But there is much more to getting a foot massage than just easing away the pain.  So take a look at the top medical benefits of a foot massage.  If done properly, you too can take full advantage of these.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Foot massage and reflexology can actually be used on patients who suffer from diabetic foot ulcers.  Studies have shown that this paired with the proper medication, this kind of therapy can actually be used to speed up the healing process.  Basically, what this does is that it improves the overall circulation and may very well be used as a supplement for other diabetic foot ulcer treatment.

Artery Disease

Acupressure has been shown to have positive effects on people who suffer from peripheral arterial occlusive disease.  Peripheral artery disease put simply, is pretty much when the arteries get harder and narrower.  This then causes problems with blood flow by decreasing it all together.

When dealing with the occlusive kind, this basically means that there is decreased blood flow in the lower legs reaching down to the feet depending on how serious the case is.  As mentioned earlier, acupressure is actually used to improve circulation, hence, increase the blood flow once again.


Believe it or not but acupressure, massage, and reflexology actually help cancer patients.  Now, this is obviously no cure, but it does make dealing with the symptoms and side effects much more manageable.  Studies have shown that patients who use these methods have lower anxiety levels, lower pain intensity, and even less nausea than those who do not opt for this kind of therapy.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is actually quite common among Americans as they get older.

Based on research done by the American Heart Association, one out of three adults has high blood pressure.

Now, reflexology is no cure either, however, studies have shown that some of the advantages of having this treatment are that although it does not lower the diastolic number, it does lower the systolic blood pressure significantly.


Reflexology and acupressure are great for people who have come out of the operation of sorts.

This kind of therapy is supposed to help the patients deal with the pain that they may experience after surgery.

Paired with proper medication, aside from decreasing the physical pain, studies show that it also leads to a decreased heart and respiratory rate.

Tips and tricks

  • If you have big feet, you may have trouble finding a Shiatsu-style foot massage machine that will accommodate you. Most such devices only fit people with size 12 mens’ shoe size or smaller. A sleeve style foot massager may be a better choice.
  • There are many simple foot exercises that target various pressure points that you can do by yourself at home. For an extra health and relaxing massage, learn about how to do a few of these on YouTube, then spend 15 minutes or so doing them before you put your foot in your foot massage device.
  • You don’t always have to put your bare feet in your massage device. Most electronic foot massagers are just as effective when you wear socks.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can a foot massage machine benefit my health?
A: In addition to reducing foot pain, foot massages offer a number of surprising health benefits. Foot massages can lower your blood pressure, improve the flexibility of your feet and reduce headaches.

Q: How often should I use my foot massager?
A: Within reason, you can massage your feet as often as you like. If you feel a sharp pain or intense soreness when you use your machine, you should stop the massage and rest. It’s a good idea to start with one massage session per day at first. You can gradually build your way up to more frequent sessions from there.

Q: Are there any side effects I should know about?
A: For the most part, foot massage devices are perfectly safe. However, people with some types of medical conditions may need to check with their doctors before they buy. Foot massage devices may not be suitable for people with blood clots.

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