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Things To Consider Before Buying Best Action Camera in India

Action cameras have gained massive popularity among photography enthusiasts and because of their compact and rugged nature, many casual users have also started considering them. These days, action cameras aren’t limited to just extreme sports, they are also used for casual family vacations. These cameras can be also used as vehicle dash-cameras or even home surveillance devices. If we search the internet, we find a number of things these cameras can be used.

There are a number of brands that manufacture action cameras, and if you are trying to buy one for the first time, you may get confused. Through this feature, we want to help you choose the best action camera that fits your needs, and to do so, we have compiled a list of pointers to help you choose one.

Build quality

Best Action Camera

Many of the good action cameras are made up of strong polycarbonate bodies which makes them suitable for rough use. For those who are looking to shoot footage underwater, you need to purchase a water-proof housing. In fact, some of the new models may support water-proofing without the housing, so make sure to check before you decide to spend on a product. Some of the housings and cameras work under water but only to a certain limit. Some go to as deep as 33 feet, some deeper. Some of the other quality factors to check are things such as the buttons, the feel, whether the screen is protected, if there are any protective flaps for the memory card and battery bay.

Connectivity features

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Action cameras have built-in Wi-Fi which lets you take control of the camera using an app on your smartphone or tablet. This feature can also be used to transfer data wirelessly, reducing the hassle of connecting wires. Look at what WiFi speeds the camera you’re considering offers. This will mean faster transfers and previews on your remote device.

Action cameras also have Bluetooth connectivity, which can be used with compatible external remotes to take pictures or videos. This can be great feature if you want to shoot footage of yourself from a distance or you need to place the camera at a remote location. Controlling of the camera can also be done using voice commands in some of the more expensive models. Other cameras have wake on voice features and advanced face detection so focusing and controlling is made simpler. These aren’t essential features but might make operating the camera just a little easier.

Image and video quality 

Best action camera quality

Image quality means a lot and action cameras have come a long way. You’ll be surprised to know how much action cameras offer. Most of the mainstream action camera record 1080p resolution footage as standard, which is sufficient if you are a casual uploader on YouTube, Facebook and other social media. However, if you are a professional user, then consider high-end models that offer 4K resolution. These models may also have advanced low-light and exposure controls settings, which offer flexible performance for capturing images and videos in less-than-ideal situations.

Considering the frame rates of the footage is important too. Most action cameras have 30fps recording rates, which is good enough for nearly everyone. However if you are planning to capture extreme sports or fast-paced footage, you may want action cameras with 120 to 240 fps recording, which can be used to render slow motion videos.

The field of view of the camera is key too. Action cameras have field of view ranging from a narrow 90 degrees to a much wider 170 degrees. Some of the newer models are equipped with adjustable field-of-view. They also have lens correction feature, which eliminate lens distortions that could be caused due to wide angle. Some of the cameras such as the GoPro Fusion are even designed keeping in mind virtual-reality audiences and devices.

Time-lapse capability

Action cameras can create amazing time-lapse videos. Due to their compact nature, they can be placed anywhere recording hours of footage. Most models have continuous capturing ranging between 0.5 to 60 seconds which means they can record a frame every half a second, or even one frame every 60 seconds. High-end action cameras usually stich the time lapse sequence of images together and produce a final video which can be easily used. Many of the entry-level action cameras lack this feature and will require manual editing using an mobile app or software on a PC or laptop.  


Best action camera accessories

Some action cameras come with a bundle of accessories while others require you to purchase them separately. These accessories include sticky mounts and tripod mounts which can be sufficient for starters. However, there are plenty of accessories waiting to be explored. If you are a bike rider who loves recording riding experiences, a helmet mount or a handle-bar mount can be used to cover convenient recording angles. A chest mount, or an arm mount can be a great accessory for mountain-trekkers, who would like to record their first-person view.

Most of the action cameras have noise reduction microphones in-built, however if you ever need to record high quality audio, some models support external microphones with separately sold propriety adapters. For high-quality video and audio recordings, these action cameras require UHS (Ultra-high-speed) microSD cards. Most of the action cameras supports microSD cards up to 32GB, but more premium models may go up to 128GB and more.

Controls and touch-screen

Best action camera touch

Having controls on action camera itself can be very helpful. You don’t need to use your phone to connect to the camera each time you want to change settings. There may be situations where you want to record under-water footage and you can’t carry your phone along. Most of the cameras have an on/off switch and a button to switch between different modes. A touchscreen makes things even better, offering direct access to controls and settings.

Brand Support

This is one of the important factors you should be looking at. As action cameras become more compact, getting them repaired can be a pain. These aren’t products that can be repaired at a local repair shop. In fact, many brands simply offer replacement over product repairs. Depending on your region, some brands have advance protection plans which cover your camera even against physical damages. It is recommended to buy action camera from authorized sellers who can offer a reliable after-sales service.

Best Action Camera in India- Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an Action Camera?

It is a small lightweight camcorder that mounts to your helmet, or other sports equipment like bicycle handlebars, snowboard, racing car, motorbike etc. It takes photos as well as videos. You can use it as a general purpose camera that fits easily in your pocket and it is light enough to take anywhere. It comes with a waterproof case making it ideal for watersports, such as surfing, diving, or just a trip to the beach with your family.

Why should I get another camera?

You probably already use a digital camera for still photos. Whilst some cameras also take high quality video many models do not. The action camera is small and light, so you can take it with you on expeditions where you would not normally carry a camera. It is easy to mount to most equipment for creative film making. It also takes photos at regular intervals so you can leave it running whilst you are doing your activity and come back with a photographic record of your adventure. Furthermore the waterproof case makes it ideal for watersports or just relaxing at the pool or beach.

What is the picture quality like?

The action camera takes good quality, sharp full HD video at 1080P. Photos are up to 8 megapixels and suitable for printing medium enlargements. It has high frame rate modes, so you can easily create smooth slow-motion effects. The combination of a sharp fixed focus glass lens and quality Sony CMOS sensor produces great pictures. You also have a burst mode of up to ten photos per second for capturing action shots.

Is it easy to use?

There is a large 2″ LCD screen on the back so you can easily frame your shots, and check that they have come out the way you want them whilst you are still on location. The many features are accessed by a menu system. It is easy to change any of the settings as needed. A variety of common mounting options are included in the kit. The waterproof case clips into the mounts so you can easily position and remove the sports cam. A WiFi remote control is also included, so you do not have to reach to the actioncam to start and stop recording. You can mount it somewhere inaccessible and still operate it.

How do I edit the videos?

For short videos you do not need to edit and can use the files straight off the camcorder. Carefully avoid moving the sports cam when starting and stopping the recording, so that you get a smooth video. For longer videos and if you want to combine different files you will need a video editing program on your computer. Fortunately most modern PCs are powerful enough to process digital video at 1080P.

There are some free programs available for basic filmmaking (such as Windows Movie Maker that comes as standard with Windows XP). If you want more advanced editing tools then you can invest

What size photo enlargements can I print?

Sports camcorders use a smaller image sensor than dedicated photo models. This limits the resolution and absolute detail of the photos. You do not notice for most applications, but printing needs higher resolution than viewing on a computer screen. We suggest that A4 sized prints (12″ by 9″) is around the maximum size possible before you notice some artefacts from sensor noise.

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