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What is a nebuliser?

Nebulisers can help you breathe easily. They are commonly used to treat respiratory diseases and lung conditions, which may include mild symptoms like coughing or nasal congestion and more severe diseases such as asthma and pneumonia.

Nebulisers can be used with prescribed medicines to open up your airways, or with saline solution to keep your nose clean and prevent mild symptoms from escalating into a severe lung condition.

There are many different types of nebuliser, which each satisfy different requirements. The question is, which nebuliser is right for me? Choosing the right nebuliser depends on the nature of your ailment or the symptoms of your child. When selecting a nebuliser for your baby, different factors play a role to when you are choosing the right nebuliser for yourself. Other important aspects to consider are how often, how intensively and where you will be using the device.

Respiratory tract disease to be treated

best nebulizer in india respiratory

The various respiratory tract diseases affect different parts of the respiratory system. Some examples of upper respiratory tract diseases are a runny nose and chronic sinusitis. Examples of lower respiratory tract diseases are COPD, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and pneumonia. It’s important to choose a nebuliser with a larger particle size, which provides larger droplets, to treat an upper respiratory tract disease, and one with a smaller particle size to treat a lower respiratory tract disease.

Age of the user

best nebulizer in india user age

For patients with severe breathing difficulties, such as COPD and asthma patients, nebulisers with a higher level of nebulisation are better because they deliver higher levels of the ebulized active ingredient. For babies and children, a quieter nebuliser that forms a smoother mist may be more pleasant and less disturbing when the medicine is inhaled. When treating patients with multiple respiratory tract diseases, a nebuliser which can produce different particle sizes is recommended.

Frequency of use

best nebulizer in india frequency of use

If you want to use your nebuliser very frequently, you should choose a sturdy, home-based nebuliser with a high nebulising effect which is suitable for intensive use. If you travel a lot or require treatment at different times during the day, a lightweight and portable nebuliser, e.g. a membrane nebuliser is the best choice for you. Similar in size to an inhaler, portable nebulisers are battery-powered but deliver optimum performance and flexibility.

Different types of nebuliser machine: nozzle, membrane and ultrasonic nebulisers

Have you been recommended to use a nebuliser to relieve your respiratory symptoms? Inhalation devices, often called nebulisers, are available in various different technical designs.

Mechanically speaking, they mix droplets of the medication’s active ingredient with the air. The fine mist resulting in the nebuliser can be inhaled through a mouthpiece, mask or nosepiece. A major advantage is that there is no need for particular coordination between the operation of the nebuliser and the breathing technique. That is why nebulisers are especially recommended for children and elderly people.

Nozzle, mesh and ultrasonic nebulisers

best nozzle nebulizer Machine in india

Nebulisers can be divided into three types according to their functional principle: Nozzle (compressor), membrane and ultrasonic nebulisers.

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The nozzle nebuliser works by means of a compressor that generates compressed air. The air flows through the medicine solution and atomises it into tiny droplets.

Ultrasonic nebulisers use a piezo-electric vibrator that generates high frequency vibrations (2-3 millions/ sec). the vibrations are transferred through the water tank to the medication (water serves as a cooling agent). The strong vibrations generate a column of liquid medication and small particles are produced.

Mesh nebulisers are made up of a thin membrane which contains microscopic holes. A vibrating element pushes the medication through the fine holes of the membrane. This generates an aerosol of small droplets. These nebulisers are also very quiet and lightweight, making them good for use when travelling and for children.

How to inhale correctly when using a nebulizer machine

A step-by-step guide to using the nebulizer machine:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Ensure that the nebulizer machine has been cleaned correctly since the last time it was used.
  3. Connect the tube to the device (not applicable for a mesh nebuliser).
  4. Fill the medicine reservoir with the medication you have been prescribed.
  5. Connect the tubing and mouthpiece to the medicine reservoir.
  6. Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth. Hold the mouthpiece firmly with your lips closed around it so that all of the active ingredient is able to reach your lungs.
  7. Switch the nebuliser on.
  8. Breathe through the mouth until all of the medication has been administered. This will take 10 to 15 minutes. If necessary, you can use a nose clip to ensure that you only breathe through your mouth.
  9. For young children, a mask can be used instead of the mouthpiece. It is necessary to ensure that the mask is fitted very accurately as otherwise much of the medication can be lost and the inhalation is not effective.
  10. Switch the nebuliser off.
  11. Clean the medicine reservoir and the mouthpiece/mask according to the cleaning and disinfecting instructions in the manual which comes with the product.

FAQs- Nebulizer Machine

What is the difference between a mesh and a compressor nebuliser?

All nebulisers are devices that convert liquid medicine into aerosol droplets that can be easily inhaled through a mouthpiece or mask. The difference is in the technique that is used to convert the medicine into aerosol droplets. A compressor nebuliser uses compressed air to create the aerosol.

A mesh nebuliser uses a vibrating element oscillating at high frequency to push medication through fine holes in the mesh, generating aerosol droplets. This technique allows the nebuliser to be very compact and silent. It makes them easy to use on-the-go, whenever and wherever you need it.

What type of medication can be used with a nebuliser?

Most medications for the treatment of respiratory diseases of the upper, middle and lower airways are available on a liquid form and can therefore be used with a nebuliser. Nebulisers also allow mixing different medications in the nebuliser chamber, so that they can be inhaled at the same time for a higher convenience.

What parts of the nebulizer machine should I clean and how often?

Depending on the type of nebuliser, the nebuliser can contain several pieces:
The main unit or compressor
The nebuliser kit where the medication is added
The tube that connects the main unit with the nebuliser kit
Mesh cap
Mouth piece to inhale medication through the mouth
Nose piece to inhale medication through the nose
Air filter

How often do I need to replace the different parts and where can I buy them?

For most nebulisers, it is recommended to replace the nebuliser kit, the mouth and nose piece, masks and tube every year. Air filters should be replaced approximately every 60 days. Specifically, for the mesh nebuliser, it is recommended to exchange the mesh cap after approximately 1 year.

As of which age can a nebulizer machine be used?

Nebulisers are appropriate for the use of babies and children.

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