10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Planning to buy best kitchen chimneys for your home ? here is the list of top 10 best kitchen chimneys in India. Please read buyers guide.

Best Seller Kitchen Chimneys In India

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Elica 90 Cm -Auto Clean Touch Control Kitchen Chimney

Best kitchen chimneys in india

Elica is an Italian brand that manufactures kitchen appliances and is world renowned owing to its products of first water. It has shaped the kitchens present throughout the world and has made cooking quite a fun with its fine array of modern chimneys. This particular chimney has been rendered with LED lamps that make cooking more efficient.

The stylish design of the chimney that is black and uses glass for its elegant appearance adds a voguish flair to the kitchen which is quite a tempting view. The chimney boasts the suction power of 1200m3/hr which makes it the best chimney in India 2019  for any standard size of the kitchen. It is quite efficacious from the perspective of the power of consumption as well. It requires the power of only 180 watts to operate which makes it energy efficient.


  • Whether you use a four burner or 5 burner stove, its 90 cm size will aptly suck the smoke and release it into the outer atmosphere.
  • Baffle filter used in the chimney makes it suitable for Indian kitchens as it absorbs the oil content in the air adequately. Owing to this, it is being touted as the best chimney in India.
  • The touch control panel makes accessing the chimney quite easy.
  • The auto cleaning feature of the chimney cleans itself which means you don’t need to put your mind about to its cleaning task.


  • The manufacturer does not provide the duct pipe which means buyers will have to spend some extra bucks on the duct pipe.
  • The auto cleaning feature demands duct. If you don’t have enough space for the duct, then this chimney is of no use to you.
  • Additional installation prices charged by the company may not go down well with some consumers.

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Faber HOOD TENDER 3D 60cm – Auto Clean Chimney & Hood


This chimney by Faber finds a place amongst some of the best chimneys. It has all the reasons to bear this tag. The steel of the chimney that reflects the grey color makes it go well with any kitchen interior, not to mention the modern flair that it adds to your kitchen.

It comes with LED lamps that shed just the right amount of life for cooking. It comes with a massive suction power of 1295m3/hr that has a 3-way suction capacity which makes it very effective when it comes to removing the smoke generated while cooking. Push buttons available on the chimney make it quite easy to operate.


  • The noise reducing technology used in it gives you a calm working environment in the kitchen.
  • The smoke venting performance of the chimney is excellent when it comes to heavy frying or grilling.
  • The three-way suction technology used in the chimney makes it far better than the auto clean features of other chimneys.
  • Two triple layer baffle filters used in the chimney is the best for chimneys and performs the desired function very well by collecting the oil and grease particles in the filter tray.
  • The chimney comes in a size of 60cms which makes it perfect to be used in the kitchen that houses a stove with 2-4 burners.
  • The chimney has a suction power of 1295m3/hr which is more than required.


  • Since the chimney has 60 cm size, it can’t be used with the stove that has over four
  • It is a wall mounted chimney; hence, it can be effective in only those kitchens where the stove is placed next to the wall which makes it the best wall mounted chimney.

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Hindware Nevio 90- Auto Clean Chimney


This fine chimney from Hindware, Indian manufacture, has made the lives of house-wives quite convenient. The steel of the chimney has been given grey color which is quite alluring and flies well with any kitchen setting. Its smoke removing capacity is quite remarkable due to the suction power of 12003/hr which makes it one of the best chimneys available on the market.

The size and the suction power of the chimney make it most suitable for the kitchen that has an area more than or equal to 50m3. It has been provided with push buttons which make it easy to use and control. The chimney is quite a power efficient as it consumes only 180w power to perform. Two LED lamps have also been fitted in the chimney by the company so that anyone cooking in the kitchen has enough light to work aptly.


  • 90 cm size of the chimney makes it go well with the stove that has over 3-6 burners.
  • The auto-clean feature of the chimney keeps the owner from worrying about its cleaning and spending time on it.
  • Baffle filter employed in the kitchen makes cooking that includes frying and grilling considerably comfortable.
  • The oil collector tray provided in the chimney ensures that the same does not stick to the inner surface of the chimney.
  • Noise reducing technology used in the chimney ensures that it makes less noise which adds joy to the calm cooking environment.


  • Since the chimney is a wall mounted one, it can be placed only over the stove that has been placed next to the wall. Owing to this reason, it can be said to be the best chimney in India.
  • As the chimney is large in size, it might not be a good product for those who have limited space in the kitchen.

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Elica 60 (WD-HAC Touch-BF 60) – Auto Clean Touch Control Chimney


Elica is a well-known brand to use cutting edge technology in its appliances so that the consumers have the best to use. The same is reflected in this chimney as well. The black surface of the chimney supplied with glass offers quite a view and will make your visitors go awe. It has been provided with touch controls to provide easy access to the controls of the chimney which has earned it the tag of the best chimney.

The 1200m3/hr suction power that the chimney offers is quite efficient to make the kitchen and the surrounding area smoke-free. LED lamps attached with the chimney provide enough light to assist in efficient cooking. The power consumption of just 180 watts makes it quite power efficient which means no hefty bills.


  • The chimney uses baffle filters which makes it the best chimney in India as several deep fried and grilled dishes are prepared in the Indian kitchens, and the filter aptly separates the smoke from oil and collect it in the filter tray.
  • The chimney can be a good option for your kitchen if you have a limited space to install a chimney.
  • Auto-clean technology used in the chimney makes sure that the owner of the chimney does not have to think much about its cleaning and maintenance.
  • Stainless steel baffle filters used in the chimney to collect oil and other sorts of unwanted particles are quite easy to clean.


  • The size of the chimney is 60 cm which is not a good option for your kitchen if you own a stove that has more than four
  • Ducting is necessary with this chimney as it is an auto-cleaning chimney.
  • The chimney makes noise which can be quite inconvenient while cooking.

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Sunflame Innova 90 Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney


The chimney with 90 cm is efficient to make a kitchen smokeless, and when the company is Sunflame, then you get the stars embedded into the beauty of your kitchen. Its blend of charcoal and baffle filters make it the best chimney of India.

Whether you are cooking mild food or you are taking the assistance of heavy frying or grilling, the chimney with 1000 cubic meters per hour suction power is going to serve you with its prominent qualities in any condition. The company has also put efforts to make the things effortless for us by inducing touch controls in the chimney.

Along with there are so many other features of the chimney which makes it fall under the category of good or bad chimneys according to functionality. If you are looking forward to being a buyer of this chimney, then you must be aware of these points. This does not mean that we will entertain you only by cheesy talks, whereas you will also witness bare cons too.


  • Sunflame is providing two years of warranty for this product, which completely means that we can rely on this without any second thought.
  • The Another thing which mesmerizes the buyers is its body which is mounted by the steel walls, quite easy to use and safe too.
  • It is available in two different colors, steel, and grey, due to which it is one of the best chimneys of India as it is not easy to get much variety in colors of this product.
  • The baffle and charcoal filters contained in this chimney are commendable as those are the main reasons of auto clean property.


  • It is of no use for the mass kitchens or restaurants as their manufacturing is completely based on its use in residential cooking areas.
  • Installation and the ducting amount are not included in the MRP of the product.

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Hindware Cleo 60 – Auto Clean Hood Wall Mounted Chimney


Hindware has won the trust of buyers by supplying the best kitchen appliances all the time. In the same queue, one of the most advanced chimneys is on the way to serve us with the modish flairs. It has been bestowed with the touch controls so that we can use the device effortlessly.

Along with this, its baffle filters are the main reason for making it the best chimney in India. The 1000 cubic meters per hour of the suction power of this chimney makes our kitchens smokeless and our lives hygienic. It also consists of LED lamps so that you can cook without hassling about electricity dispase.

It is not everything, whereas the chimney has come up with a plus point of auto cleaning. Due to which, inside of the chimney can clear out itself without much hustle-bustle. Scroll down to know more upshots of its use along with some challenges that people have to face while using it.


  • The maximum suction capacity of 1200 meters per hour of Hindware 60 cm chimney is one of those features those make it the best chimney in India.
  • Mere a single touch can endow us with its auto cleaning property.
  • When it comes to cleanliness, then this chimney grabs the top line as it contains oil collector cup which is not common in India.
  • The toughened glass used in the body of chimney saves it in a very secure way from breaking.


  • Standard installation is not provided by the company whereas it should be included in purchasing money.
  • Along with this, the customer must be served with the ducting kit for a better use so that people can only make the families merry not sad.

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Elica ESCG-BF 60 Nero – Auto Clean Chimneys


The most selling and notorious among the users, Elica 60 cm black-coloured Chimney is best to serve you with the smokeless environment. If you are seeking to see your family healthy, then this can be an imperative choice to be made.

Right from its quick working with the push button availability to its on-time installation, every feature of this chimney endows the users with an extreme level of comfort. Above that, the black color and glass body makes a unique combination which invites huge traffic for buying this. Due to which it has become the Best Chimney in India.

You will never get disappointed by the performance of this chimney as it is hemmed with world class products. Along with this, when you will look at the advantages of buying this product, you cannot resist yourself for purchasing this product. Even the cons of this product get overlapped by the upshots.


  • 1100 cubic meters per hour of suction power is extremely assistive in providing the best of it.
  • The size of this Elica Chimney is 60 cm, which is not much large to get fit in any kitchen. The less space covering is one of its best advantages that you cannot get in every chimney.
  • The baffle filters outfitted into its manufacturing make it unique among a large number of chimneys of the era.
  • After everything, the thing which will make your relatives and friends envious of your kitchen is the look that your chimney will provide. The black and glass make a perfect combination to show the class and standard.


  • The ducting kit is not included in the main pricing of the chimney, which brings the people on their nerves.
  • Along with that, the installation fees is also excluded from the chief cost of the product, that is also one of the major battles that customers are suffering through.

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Glen 60cm Stainless Steel Kitchen Chimney (GH-6071 Ex)


The highly recognized company, Glen is inviting huge customer traffic for two decades by endowing them with the best of technology. In the field of kitchen equipment, Glen has been in the reign for a long time, and that can be witnessed through Glen 60 cm Chimney which has 1100 cubic meters per hour suction power.

If you want to get inexorable quality, then you must stick to this only as this is the Best Chimney in India. It is a way to get freedom from smoke forever, so if you are also in the queue to get the same, then you should not let this product go in many hands but yours. For the bliss of your family, this is an inevitable choice to be made.

This Glen Chimney is hemmed with so many exciting specifications and also some of the shortcomings, which are hereunder.


  • The glass used in this chimney saves it in extremely a good way.
  • The glossy finish of the outlook of this chimney is a perfect blend of advantages and awesome appearance, which can enhance the beauty of your kitchen.
  • Easy to wipe, and vibrant airflow of this chimney makes it durable along with the new school baffle filter.
  • In case of excessive heat, its Italian motor will prove its superiority by powering it off as that is coupled with thermal overload protector.
  • Low noise and smooth movements of the Best Chimney in India, The Glen chimney are secured with the assistance of FRP Housing.


  • The separate payment for the installation of this device is something which enforces the people to scratch their heads.
  • It needs efficient care like most of your valuable equipment, which can sometimes annoy a lazy person.

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Hindware Sabina  60 Kitchen Chimney


Brimmed with best products, Hindware Chimney endows the people with the latest modifications of technology. The elegant look of this chimney is highly adorable among its users. It modifies the interiors of the kitchen in a very constructive manner.

When it comes to blackening of the roof with black smoke, then it is an inevitable option to choose chimney to be placed in the kitchen. After that, we need to concentrate on the suction power of a specific chimney. So, when we raise the same question regarding Black Hindware 60 cm 1100 m3 per hour chimney.

There is no doubt that it provides the unsurpassed features, which make it the Best Chimney in India. We cannot deny the fact as well that every good thing will have some disadvantages too. So, both the good and bad points about this chimney are as follows.


  • Its capacity of 1100 m3/hour provides a good suction power to the customers.
  • The push button facility provides automatic usage of the chimney.
  • One year warranty on product and five years on motor serve in satisfying the nerves of people.
  • This Chimney has a very designer body having a black color which represents its class and standards.
  • Noise issue can be forgotten when you are thinking to buy this chimney.
  • It can be fitted effortlessly in a kitchen that is 50 m3 or more in size so that you need not bother about the small size of the kitchen.
  • Whether you are cooking mild food or you are performing heavy frying or grilling, you will never regret buying this product as this is the Best Chimney in India.


  • The only disadvantage of this chimney is the money that we need to pay for its installation.
  • Separate purchase of ducting kit is also somewhere challenging for the buyers.

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Best Kitchen Chimneys in India Buyer’s Guide.

How does a kitchen chimney work?

Chimneys in kitchen spaces work on a 24×7 basis, removing air pollutants and clearing up aerial suffocation that are induced by food cooking, frying, steaming, etc. in the kitchen space. This makes chimneys in a particular a must-have.

Here is a gist of how a kitchen chimney functions –

  1. Air-borne particulates originated from kitchen-related activities fill up the kitchen space
  2. The kitchen chimney installed in the kitchen space intakes the air particles and funnels it outwards through a ventilation duct using a rotating turbine.
  3. This process is iterated on a 24/7 basis and the air inside the kitchen space is kept fresh and pure for all inside.

It is a meagre three-step process that ensures that the environment near the kitchen space is kept fresh and pure 24×7.

How to Choose the Best Cooker Hood for your Kitchen

Best Cooker Hood Indian cooking, while being synonymous with a lovely aroma and taste is also synonymous with the worry of greasy cabinets and kitchen tiles. This is because Indian cooking involves a lot of frying, grilling which results in greasy smoke that sticks to the ceiling and the tiles of your kitchen. So, how exactly do you pick the right chimney to filter the smoke, grease and odour from your kitchen? The various factors that come into play are as follows:

1.Based on Installation

a. Wall mounted:

The most common type of hood, these are fixed onto the wall above the stove and are suitable for cooktops located adjacent to the wall.

b. Island:

For a cooking platform that is located away from the wall and at the centre of the kitchen, you’ll need an island chimney. These are fixed on the ceiling. The island cooker hood is well suited for a variety of appliances – induction hobs, cooking ranges and gas cook tops.

c. Built-in:

This cooker hood is ideal for installation underneath a wall unit. It saves space and looks compact. It remains concealed behind or under the cabinets and blends with the tapestry of the kitchen.

2.Based on Size:

Standard chimneys come in sizes of 2 and 3 feet. The ideal size of your kitchen chimney should be the exact size or larger than your cooktop and it does not determine the suction capacity of the chimney. The three basic sizes of a chimney are:

  1. Small (55 cm – 75 cm)
  2. Medium (75 cm – 100 cm)
  3. Large (100 cm and above)

 3.Suction Capacity:

The suction capacity is the capacity of the cooker hood’s motor to suck oil particles and odour and is measured in cubic meters per hour. For Indian kitchens, a chimney with higher air suction capacity is ideal. For frequent cooking, the range should be between 400 m3/hr to 1000m3/hr depending on the size of your kitchen.

 a. Low: (500 m3/h – 700 m3/h)

Multiply the volume of your kitchen (in m3/h) by 10 to arrive at the ideal suction power for your chimney. Your requirement also depends on the number of burners in your kitchen and the nature of cooking performed. If you have only two burners that are involved in minimal cooking, then opt for a chimney with a suction power that’s less than 1000 m3/h.

b. Medium: (700 m3/h – 1000 m3/h)

If you have two or three burners that are used for sufficient amount of Indian cooking in a spacious kitchen, then choose a chimney with a suction power that’s between 1000 m3/h to 1200 m3/h.

c. Large: (1000 m3/h – 2000 m3/h)

Consider a chimney with a suction power of 1200 m3/h or above for three to five burners in a large kitchen.

Some additional factors to consider before choosing the right chimney for your kitchen are:

  • Filters: If the filter does not function properly, the suction will be poor and this situation can pose a health hazard. The choice of the right filter improves the performance of the chimney.
  • Motor/Blower: The motor should be sealed so that dust and grime does not get into it. Aluminium non-stick blowers and motors help you avoid periodic servicing of internal parts.
  • Maintenance and Care: It is advisable to go for a chimney which requires less maintenance. Instal the chimney at a low height (4 ft) so that cleaning is easy and effectively removes the smoke and oil particles out.
  • Noise: The noise that is produced is a result of the air circulation. You may like to consider the noise level before buying your chimney.
  • Aesthetics: Chimneys are available to suit every section and taste of the society ranging from modest rates to expensive ones. Depending on your budget, lifestyle and kitchen décor you may choose the best.

Types of Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen Hoods are broadly classified into Ducted Hoods and Ductless Hoods. This classification of these kitchen hoods is done purely on the basis of how the hoods process the air that is being sucked in.

Ducted Kitchen Hoods

Ducted kitchen hoods are the most common and a primary type of kitchen hood. As the name suggests, a ducted kitchen hood has a duct that is used to process and expel any smoke that is generated on top of the kitchen hob.

Large sized duct hoods are widely used not just in homes but also in commercial restaurants and communal kitchens too.

Ductless Kitchen Hood

Ductless Kitchen Hoods do not have a duct that is used to process the air. Instead, it makes use of strong air filtration and then pumps out the air back into the room. These types of range hoods are usually used in houses.

Types of Kitchen Hoods

Types of kitchen chimneys

Best Selling Kitchen chimneys come in a variety of different types and classifications. Some of these include-

· Wall mounted chimney-

This single suction kitchen chimneys are fixated on a wall. Due to this they can perform their air suction functions from multiple different angles.

· Ceiling mounted chimney-

Installed on the ceiling this kitchen chimney is able to perform its functions tight from the ceiling space of the kitchen.

· Built-in chimney-

These chimneys are fitted below the wall and are not usually visible.

· Corner Chimney-

is an adjustable chimney that can be drawn over the stove when you want to use it and retracted back with the push of a button when not in use.

Types Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Types of Chimney Filters

These remove the microbial particulates in the kitchen space by absorbing them. Different types of filter include –

·  Baffle filter
Baffle Filter

These filters can absorb heavy impurities like oily particles.

·  Mesh filter
Mesh Filter

Comprising of layers of aluminium, this filter is able to absorb minute particles in the form of smoke, gas, etc.

·  Charcol filter
Charcol Filter

Charcoal filters are also known as carbon filter. It comes with charcoal granules that deters odor from the smoke. The charcoal filter is an optional filter that comes in combination with a baffle filter or mesh filter. The holes in the charcoal carbon will absorb the oil, heat and smoke particles. Charcoal filters are not washable. You can replace this wonderful filter for every 3-6 months depending on the intensity of cooking. These filters are used mostly in ductless and expensive chimneys.

What you should look out for in a kitchen chimney system?

No doubt, when it comes to dispensing aerial kitchen impurities and producing a fresh clean vibrant feel in the kitchen, a chimney system in the kitchen is definitely a must-have. Here are a few of the things that you must take note off –

· Kitchen Chimney Design

In addition to being extremely useful to have around, kitchen chimneys promote a kitchen style statement themselves! Make sure that the kitchen chimney design is in-line with your overall kitchen design.

· Size of Chimney

The size of the kitchen chimney should be proportional to the kitchen size itself. For instance, if it is a small-sized kitchen for nuclear families, a similarly small-sized kitchen chimney would do the trick, but if you have a larger kitchen, a large-scale kitchen chimney is more appropriate.

· Suction Power of the Chimney

The suction power of the chimney dictates the overall area that is covered by the chimney. For example, if it boasts a suction power of 1200 Nm3/h, it might be more adequate for a large kitchen space, On the other hand if it packs a suction power of 800 Nm3/h, it will be more aptly suited for small kitchen spaces.

· Auto Clean Chimney

Auto clean chimneys are a new special type of chimney that gets rid of oily particles sticking onto the ducts with the help of an in-built blower and subsequent requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. Centrifugal causes the particles to move toward the blower wall where it is collected and removed automatically.

Best Kitchen Chimney in India price

Depending on the build, features and the size, the price of kitchen chimneys are likely to vary. You should do your research and decide on all these factors in order to choose the kitchen chimney that is most adequate for the purpose.

How To Calculate Your Chimney Size?

The first thing that comes to your mind when you read the header: why size? To answer that we must understand the fact that kitchens inevitably exist in various different sizes. This is why you must choose a Kitchen Chimney that goes according to it. Furthermore, you would probably want to single out a particular area of the kitchen. This is why, it is important to choose the appropriate chimney size before-hand.

Here’s a size chart to help you decide –

Kitchen Chimney Size

To make sure that you are able to pick the right kitchen chimney size, here are some pointers –

  • Study the kitchen blueprint layout before installing
  • Note the size of the chimney area coverage and the kitchen
  • Make sure the kitchen chimney is loaded with all the necessary features you are looking for

With these pointers, choosing the right kitchen chimney is a piece of cake.

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

Now let’s talk about the top kitchen chimney brands in India. Following brands are very popular and highly revered in India.

1. Hindware

Hindware chimneys are consumer appliances with a flagship of Hindware brand renowned for trustworthiness around 60 years now. The autonomous features of Hindware chimneys make them the best kitchen chimney brands in India. Trusted nationwide due to their constant efforts to deliver innovative, excellent quality, superlative designed products. Aesthetically crafted and technologically advanced kitchen appliances category was forayed as part of their expansion strategy under the brand Hindware Kitchen Ensemble. This coupled with a commitment to customers placed them into ‘Fortune India 500’ 2014 list.

Their chimneys are futuristically crafted to create a sleek, durable, stylish yet high-performance range using stainless steel and toughened glass top finish. The only drawback is frequent maintenance of some accessories (like PVC pipes) and the extra costs for installation. Reasonably priced Italian designs’ and European craftsmanship maintain a clean smoke-free cooking environment and great looking kitchen.

2. Bosch

Bosch is part of 3rd largest home appliances company on the globe, the Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group. In India, Bosch set-up its manufacturing operation in India in 1951. It now has grown to more than 6 development centres and at least 18 manufacturing sites. It is a brand well-known in the market for high-quality electronic products.

Easy to install and use kitchen chimneys are readily available in stores and online. German technology crafted Bosch chimneys is one of the best kitchen chimneys in India. Space for installation of a few Bosch models can be a problem for the middle-class Indian kitchen. Its most reliable brand on board with useful features, good warranty claims, and competitive prices compared to other brands. They score well in reliability and customer service which are the most important criteria for appliances.

3. Faber

The world leader in kitchen hoods and chimneys is based out of Italy and was incepted in 1955. Characterized by dynamism, durability and dedication Faber holds a key position as an innovation driver in kitchen technologies.

All over the world Faber kitchen chimneys are known for one of its kind solitary 3D Y2S2 Technology across the industry. Though highly priced you can avail attractive discounts from time to time and also lifetime warranties.

Today they are spread over 3 continents, 13 countries and a marketing office in the United States. Due to ever challenging globalisation, Faber acquired Franke Group in 2005. With a turnover of more than €220 million, they also put up a plant in Pune, India. It was established with a vision to offer high-quality aesthetics and word class service to markets in India. Pune unit is to be the export hub for the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions.

4. Glen

Glen  Appliances private Limited was formulated in 1999 in Faridabad India. It is listed in top suppliers of kitchen chimneys and home appliances today with a turnover of 22 crores. Glen chimney hoods are easy to install and clean. The ductless chimneys are perfect for the Indian style of cooking. Italian motor technology is designed skillfully to reduce noise and enhance the durability of the appliance. Attractive curved glass designs are capable of transforming your kitchen into an artistic cooking masterpiece.

Additional warranties on powerful chimneys, quality products at affordable prices are the main differentiators’. Professional excellence, integrity, trouble-free usage and long term customer relationships secure them a place among best kitchen chimney brands in India.

5. Elica

Elica SpA and Elica PB India Private Limited joint ventured in India in 2010. However, Elica Corporation began its operations in kitchen and electric motors long back in 1970s. At present they are functional worldwide with plants in Italy, Poland, Mexico, India ,Japan and China. Elica brand is world’s leading producer of household appliances designed specifically for domestic usage.

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